My collages may be comprised of a variety of materials; plant, found objects, paint and drawing. But they always contain plant elements.

Pressing a flower petal or leaf is a crude form of making paper. I press my materials between sheets of facial tissue placed in large telephone books. They dry according to the nature of the plant material and the climatic conditions. When dry, they are categorized by type and color and stored in horizontal paper files.

I assemble my selection of natural materials, then cut and adhere them to an archival surface using a glue formulated to bind and preserve antique and rare books. I apply the glue with a brush, utilizing a glass palate for a working surface. The glue is water soluble when working and permanent when dry. When found objects are incorporated they are attached using various methods.

For over forty years I have developed techniques to achieve different forms of expression including landscapes, portraits and abstractions. I hold that practice, experimentation and mistakes are the best teachers.